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Youth Rising is a registered non-profit organization located in Surrey B.C, that provides young minds with a variety of opportunities to develop as leaders. We were established in July 2020 by a handful of post-secondary students who decided to create a platform where youth can actively bond with the community through volunteering initiatives. By focusing on initiatives our volunteers are passionate about, we help provide them with mentorship and motivation to become community leaders. Furthermore, our flexibility allows us to focus on a wide array of initiatives that range from environment and community service to global crises. We firmly believe that when youth are given an opportunity to build their community, it helps them create a relationship of love and support with community members, and as a result both our youth and community are able to prosper.

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Arshpreet Manku and Jasondeep Mann are the cofounders of Youth Rising




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We have held many different types of events in our community for a variety of causes that range from local issues to global aid, some of our key campaigns include: 

Clean Surrey Initiative

A clean community is a healthy community. Not only does it look good and promote sustainability, it also reduces crime. To promote this idea, Youth Rising started the Clean Surrey Initiative, where our volunteers and members of the community come together to clean our city, one neighborhood at a time. With monthly clean ups we have helped spread this idea and continue to keep Surrey clean and safe. 

Helping the Homeless

Youth Rising has held many events to help the homeless and less fortunate. Through ongoing fundraisers we have raised over $2000 which have gone towards providing the homeless with care packages and food. Warm clothing, thermal blankets, sanitary items, and snacks are just a few of the items included in our care packages. We have also organized various meal drives for them where we distribute pizza, sandwiches, and notes that have messages of hope and information on various helplines. As a result of our hard work we have helped hundreds of homeless people and helped supply multiple homeless shelters.


We have held many different types of fundraisers from bottle drives to car washes. Some of our most successful fundraisers were done for Lytton, Indian Farmers Protest, PICS Senior Care Home, Frontline workers, Children with SMA, Yemen, and the refugee crisis in Myanmar. In addition to monetary fundraisers, we also hold food drives for local shelters and the Surrey Food Bank 

Act of Kindness Campaign 

In an effort to help keep our community positive during the pandemic, Youth Rising started the Acts of Kindness Campaign. In this campaign our team participates in various acts of kindness both big and small to help bring a smile to our community and encourage others to be kind to each other. Providing seniors with rides, donating warm meals, helping kids with homework,  and sending letters of love to senior centers are  just a few ways our team continues to spread kindness in our community.

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