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Lytton Bottle Drive

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

During the record breaking heat wave in BC in the summer of 2021, the village of Lytton endured the hottest temperatures ever recorded in Canada, and was devastated by a massive wildfire. Over 1000 residents had to flee as their homes and community turned to ashes. We decided to focus our efforts on supporting the village of Lytton by planning and conducting a massive bottle drive fundraiser. Our team spent many days reaching out to members of the community to gather bottles and monetary donations. We then had our volunteers drive to gather donations across the Greater Vancouver area and recycle them at various bottle depots. We raised over $1300 while following all Covid-19 procedures. The money was given to a local Lytton hero, Andrew Morancy, who used the funds to feed displaced residents, assist fire crews, and provide shelter and comfort to those in need.

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