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Myanmar Refugee Crisis

The government of Myanmar allocates only 1.2 percent of the national budget to education. As a result, many villages lack access to education, many citizens have to fight for survival, and many citizen fall victim to human trafficking. Youth Rising partnered with New Life, Kaw Thoo Lei to help fund the construction of a school in Karen state Myanmar. During our fundraiser, a war broke out in Myanmar so New Life Kaw Thoo Lei and our organization decided to redirect the funds we raised to Myanmar refugees who were in immediate need of assistance.

Our team held a contactless bottle drive to help gather funds. This involved creating a signup page for people who wanted to donate bottles, having a group of drivers pick up all bottle donations from the door steps of all donors and sorting all bottles at local recycling plants. The online promotion and signups for the bottle drive were a necessity due to the Covid-19 pandemic and related restrictions. We were able to raise $1600 which helped provide food and emergency services to Myanmar refugees.

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